Roshan Ranawana - Sri Lanka Film Actor & Fashion Model

Roshan Ranawana
is relatively well-known in Sri Lanka. He talks about his transition from model to actor.

"I actually started off as a model. It is actually because of my mother that I became an actor. She is the one who sent in my application for an audition for a new movie and I was chosen. That was the push that got me going. So it is actually my mother who should get all the credit."

Roshan talks about how important being a model has been in his life;

"Well, the most memorable moments in my life are the awards that I got while I was working as a model; Mr. Sri Lanka in 2002, 7th place in Manhunt International-China, and wining the third place in Best Model of the Year competition in 2003."

So, what will it be for Roshan in the coming years--modeling or acting?

"I'm sure I am not alone in hoping we'll at least continue to see great pics like these of the up and coming model/actor."