Jayalal Rohana - Sri Lankan Talented Eminent Director , Writer & Actor

Jayalal Rohana is a Eminent Director , Writer , Actor and Make up Artist in Sri Lankan Theater . He has won greater reputation from his bright career as an actor in Television after was a best actor Sumathi in Tele awards competition. Jayalal Rohana has made a huge contribution promote bud young dramatist in Sri Lankan Theater as a freelance Dramatist since Last 20 years.

Early life

In 1976 while at school, Ananda Sastralaya, Kotte he won the award for the best actor in Play of 'Muhudu Giya' in the All Island Interschool Drama Competition. He was fortunate to be introduced to drama and arts by an experienced drama teacher Gunasena Galappatty of Muhudu Puththu fame. A winner of many awards of Youth Drama Festivals, and "Loka" was his prime achievement where he received almost all the awards in 1987 except for the Script and Best Actor.

He graduated External bachelor of Arts from the University of Peradeniya and , Masters of Drama and Theater University of Kelaniya.


* Loka /Original play 1987
* Invisible wales /Translation play1992
* Sakvithi Mola/Original play


* Sabeviduli Vilakkuva ( Lighting Of Stage) 1997
* Sabe muhune ves muhuna (Elements of Make up) 2000
* Handa Veduma ( How to perform in Voice) 2007