Amila Abeysekara - Famous Sri Lankan Young Actor

Famous generalist Shabna Cader had a exclusive interview with Sri Lankan young talented actor Amila Abeysekara. This story made according to their conversations.

Amila Abeysekera had no idea that he would become an actor, and that too a very determined one, when he was a school boy. His childhood ambition was to be an outstanding cricketer.

Hailing from Kandy, Amila first received his education in Dharmaraja, Kandy and then moved to President’s College in Maharagama. “I was not involved in any drama or absolutely anything to do with the performing arts. I was very interested in sport activities and wanted to become a cricketer. That was my initial goal. I guess some things in life take sudden turns and you end up doing something totally different to what you had in mind at first,” said Abeysekera.

It was during the latter part of his education when Abeysekera got the opportunity of becoming a presenter at Swarnavahini in 1998, that the first seeds for his future career as an actor, were sown. While working there for two years, he had many chances of appearing in various commercials. In 2000 came the big moment of his life, when he was offered a role in the tele-drama ‘Depathnai’ in which he played the role of a sportive and very relaxed character.

He continued to star in over 35 dramas in less than eight years; years in which he took up, in the beginning, similar roles, that were very sportive, and thereafter the role of a lover. “I have yet to play a really challenging role; I have not had the opportunity of receiving one but I hope that I will in time to come” Abeysekara added.

Out of the selected number of roles that he has portrayed, Abeysekara told The Nation that the role of an engineer in ‘Tharu Kumari’ was his favorite. “It is a very decent and well balanced role which is why I like it so much,” he said.

Currently Abeysekera is involved in ‘Derana Dream Star’ musical programme. He also has a new tele-drama to be screened from next month. Await the young, fresh and new talent of this thriving actor. “I do whatever role lands on my lap; if I feel that I am capable and it is worthy. I have much hopes of becoming really good at what I do and I hope viewers appreciate my work” he said.

Abeysekera also mentioned the fact that other than acting he would one day like to get involved in producing. “At the moment it is only a vague idea, but hopefully sometime in the future, it would be something that I would work on and make come true” he added.

During his free time, Abeysekera loves to spend his time at home. “I do not get to be at home often, so whenever I can I love to stay inside and sleep! I also watch a lot of movies and love listening to music of all kinds” he said.